Author: Tom Manke

Social media marketing used to be a term associated with ‘business to consumer’ companies like Coke and McDonald’s. The B2C social marketing approach had improved customer engagement and enhanced customer relations and profits for these companies. Today, social media marketing is also being utilized by B2B companies. Many B2Bs had been playing it safe to spend at least some marketing budget to bolster their brand presence through social media, but the results are in, and it pays to spend for social media content and management.

B2Bs are increasingly aware of the value of quality content creation. Creating compelling content that engages responses reaches far beyond the effectiveness of billboard and TV brand awareness, and keeps a finger on the changing pulse of your clients like no high-buck Nielsen or Gallup service could ever deliver.  It enables them to create relevant content for their target audience. While these B2Bs were previously clueless about social media, they are now following in the footsteps of their earlier adopting cousin B2Cs.

Thanks to LinkedIn, B2B companies have learned how to establish their social media strategies to capture their target customers. Yet it’s surprising that a number of B2B companies are also doing well in B2C-friendly platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Do you want to know how these global brands work their social media marketing? Let’s take a look:

1.) General Electric (GE)

GE’s social media vision is to live up to its slogan: “Imagination at Work”. Its social media content is focused on techological innovation but never forgets to engage with its followers. The GE social media team ensures that queries, complaints, and suggestions are replied to, and treats this area as an essential aspect in their overall CRM program. GE’s Facebook page has over 1.4 million likes and states its mission simply, “We love science, technology, innovation, and hearing from you! So, say hello.”

2.) Constant Contact

Constant Contact promotes a wide array of marketing tools that helps small business local owners. Small businesses are treated to a comprehensive and smooth dashboard that enhances their lead generation efforts through email marketing, lead generation tools, and social media campaigns as well. The great thing about Constant Contact is that it projects itself as a adviser for small businesses on social media. The ‘voices’ of their social media accounts are clearly defined beforehand: they know Facebook should be for user engagement and Twitter is for quick customer support issues.

3.) Citrix GoToMeeting

I’m sure you’ve used or heard good reviews about GoToMeeting. It works like Skype which enables businesses to conduct audio and video meetings and also provides mobile workspaces and cloud-based services. It also makes the most out of its social pages on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube as a means to educate novice users and help customers with technical issues. It’s important for a B2B software company to determine what works and what doesn’t through collaboration with customers.

4.) IBM

IBM knows that social media marketing begins with customer experience. Its approach is to determine the right voice and engagement level that depends on the social media platform they are using. Facebook can be a casual conversation with its fans, but their LinkedIn approach is more centered on the value its products give to their target audience. It’s a fact that IBM has a plethora of products and services, and they’re doing well on social media because they have understood the interests and moods of each social media audience.

5.) Maersk

It’s a challenge for a shipping company to establish its presence on social media since not everyone needs shipping services, right? Maersk doesn’t hold back and creates fun and engaging content that connects with its target audience but seeks to entertain other segments as well. After all, aren’t we all consumers? Whether you are a logistics professional or simply an active social media user, Maersk ensures that you can relate with their content, even if you don’t really need their shipping services. Its Facebook page has over 1.1 million likes.


Most importantly, before any foray into social media, your internal point person or outside agency must work with you to establish two vital and confidential inter-office statements. You must know your audience, and you must know what you want your audience to do because of your communications. Establish a brief statement of audience and a brief statement of purpose for your social media. Only then will your effort and money be properly focused to create years of prosperity for your firm.